Current Situation of the Project - Hot Deals Sharing Platform
  • Project Plan Made

    Software Requirements Document (SRD) prepared and approved by management. Meeting related to project were made and resources allocated.

  • Coding Started

    Product Owner assigned, and Developer Team started to coding the Hot Deals Web Site.

  • Test Phase

    Coding phase ended. Started to test the Platform.

  • Deployment of Platform

    Test phase ended successfully, and product deployed.

  • Online

    Product is online!

What is Firsatbull?

Fırsatbull offers its consumers the opportunity to have an experience they have never had before, with discounts and low risk according to the list price. Because the promotion is temporary, we enable our consumers to make their purchasing decision quickly and instantly. At the same time, it would be appropriate to say that we are a solid e-commerce model, as we provide businesses with the chance to win potential new customers with the high discounts we offer to consumers. Unlike internet advertising trends, Fırsatbull creates advantages for both customers and businesses with high-quality local deals.

Studies have revealed that they believe that the opportunities they find, especially by the masses who shop from opportunity sites, significantly affect saving money. Consumers who shop on these sites enjoy the benefits they provide. This is the desired motivation to shop and continue this habit.

Also, companies will provide various advantages with Fırsatbull. With the project, we aim to reach more customers, to get more income and profit through more sales, advertising. For this reason, especially companies that have started new services can use our Fırsatbull project as a useful investment tool. Besides, it will be a very suitable tool for businesses that cannot use their capacity fully. In some of the studies, it is said that opportunity sites are a unique advertising tool for small companies. With Fırsatbull, you will be able to reach hard-to-reach customer masses. You will have caught a viral ad with satisfied customers recommending it to their acquaintances. Thus, Fırsatbull, which will also become a communication-based marketing tool, will have multiple opportunities.

While Fırsatbull will provide new customers for new companies, it will also offer long-term sales and profitability. In addition, it will replace direct marketing and advertising, as daily deal promotions are less costly.

FirsatBull - Web Based Deals Sharing Platform

This project is an example of a completely independent group of communities located in Turkey. It is going to be Turkey’s largest deal sharing community. There are real opportunities in this project that are only found and shared by our users.