Clickhoop - Web Based Digital Marketplace

In this project, we create a marketplace where digital products change hands. In this market, we bring together people who own a digital product and those who want to buy them. Our engineers have been working on this project, which will be a worldwide market place for a long time.

Overall Progress - Digital Marketplace

Current Situation of Project

  • Project Plan Made

    Software Requirements Document (SRD) prepared and approved by management. Meeting related to project were made and resources allocated.

  • Coding Started

    Product Owner assigned, and Developer Team started to coding the Platform.

  • Test Phase

    Coding phase ended. Started to test the Platform.

  • Deployment of Platform

    Test phase ended successfully, and product deployed.

  • Online

    Product is online!

Clickhoop Project

As Go to The Moon family, we set out with the dream of a big market area. With this dream, we aimed to establish a market where digital formations can be bought and sold. In the market of this project, which we call Clickhoop, we bring together sellers with digital products and customers who want to purchase the product. Our engineers have been working on the Clickhoop project, which will become a worldwide marketplace. We are at your service as a quality and useful project.

What is Exactly Clickhoop?

With the Clickhoop application, you can improve yourself in the field of marketing in the digital world. You can achieve great success by using e-commerce in the digital marketing sector, increasing importance day by day. As Clickhoop, we offer you the largest marketplace worldwide. This ensures that our users do not need any other application.

Today, it is more critical that our assets are on the digital platform rather than how much. We think that the positive reflections of this perception will increase with each passing day. We believe that with the developing technology, the digital world will advance many sectors within itself. That’s why we serve you to keep your businesses and assets on a digital platform.

As in many sectors, the environments where people are working for the same goal in the marketing sector are more efficient. For this reason, we bring you together with investors who have the same purpose and different perspectives. We also believe that this will bring you multiple benefits commercially.

How Will Clickhoop Make Difference In Digital Marketing?

Clickhoop offers a huge market opportunity for everyone, whether you are someone to buy assets or someone who will sell your assets. After products are listed at reasonable prices set for them, they expect their buyers to find themselves with the right filters. You should know that not all products can be sold in the same period. In this respect, although the time of sale is essential, the product’s quality and performance are also critical.

To use the Clickhoop efficiently, you must determine the sector you choose to sell or buy. The most important thing in this practice is honesty. You must be honest about your service. You should have determined the exact service area of your existence or business and express it correctly.

Clickhoop aims to reach multiple customers with digital marketing, which encompasses businesses’ efforts to sell their products and services using an electronic device or the Internet, using digital channels such as search engines, social media, e-mail, and websites to connect with existing and potential customers.

Good marketing is always about connecting with your target audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, it is possible to use the internet to do correct marketing because people spend more and more time on the Internet every day. Entering digital marketing with Clickhoop, in other words, is to enter the market of assets that exist online.